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Welcome to CrossFit 623!

CrossFit 623 is a family-oriented, community-like fitness club serving Phoenix’s West Valley. We provide CrossFit workouts, weightlifting, and physical fitness training for men and women looking to lose weight, gain muscle tone, and improve their overall health. Our all-star coaching staff are CrossFit Level 1 certified, knowledgeable, outgoing, eager to assist, and safety-conscious. Our member athletes are the heart and soul of our gym and they’re the reason that our entire staff looks forward to coming to work each day.

New Member Qualifications

If you can answer “yes” to each of the following questions, we want you to join the CrossFit 623 family!

☑️ Are you friendly and courteous towards others?
☑️ Do you strive for a healthier lifestyle?
☑️ Are you willing to challenge yourself by setting goals and attaining them?

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Hear From Our Members

Annette’s Success Story

Annette’s Success Story

When you hear someone say they do CrossFit, the first thing that comes to mind is weight loss; not the case with Annette. In fact, it was the opposite. For a while she has been hiding in layered clothing to hide her body, she was very self-conscious. We’ve hosted... read more
Ed’s Success Story

Ed’s Success Story

Ed Morgan was an avid community Saturday WOD’er at CrossFit 623 for a while. That was until he decided to become a full pledge member at 623. He started about two years ago, when his friend Hardy told him about 623. Ever since then, he continued coming to the Saturday... read more

Is CrossFit Right for Me?

Why You Should Choose CrossFit Over a Standard Gym

CrossFit is known for being the principal strength and conditioning program for many elite athletes, police academies, and military special operations units. However, it is not considered to be exclusive for those particular populations. At 623, our athletes come from a wide array of backgrounds, including cops, housewives, marathon runners, mechanics, doctors, nurses, pilots, firefighters, teachers, and more. They chose CrossFit because it best met their desired fitness level goals.

The CrossFit Methodology

CrossFit’s methodology and system works great to help people deal with everyday physical challenges. The same methods are applied to EVERYONE with the differences being made to load and intensity; meaning that the programs are scalable to meet the abilities of each individual athlete. The need of an Olympic athlete and an elderly person differ by degree, but not by kind. It is the perfect application for any committed individual, regardless of experience or level.

So, “YES!”, CrossFit is right for you! It is right for anyone who is motivated to make a change. CrossFit will challenge your mind and body in a manner that you never thought possible, but through all of the hard work and dedication you will find the overall experience to be very rewarding.

How are Results Measured?

Your results are based on how motivated of an individual you are. But never fear, CrossFit 623 will be right there to help push and guide you along every step of the way. All you need is the determination and perseverance to reach your fitness goals. We hope you are ready for a change because CrossFit will change your life. Come and experience it for yourself today!

How Do I Get Started?

Step 1: Pass Your Free Health Assessment

Contact us to schedule your complimentary health assessment. The assessment includes an evaluation of your current fitness level. If you choose to sign-up, we start you in our CrossFit 101 training class.

Step 2: Complete Our 101 Training Program

CrossFit 101 training is a requirement. It is used to learn the CrossFit methodology and gain familiarity with CrossFit movements and techniques. These classes are held in a smaller group setting to provide individual attention to each athlete. We care for your safety; therefore, learning proper technique ensures this and helps with injury prevention.

The 101 class meets three times per week (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays). This class is modeled after our regular CrossFit program to ensure an easy transition to regular CrossFit classes.

Step 3: Join the CrossFit 623 Family

Once your 101 class is completed, you will have access to unlimited CrossFit classes and will be on your way to optimal health.

Keep in mind that not all CrossFit boxes are the same. Although we operate under the same methodology of CrossFit, the programming, community, and philosophies vary greatly. Click here to start your journey.

Meet Our Coaches & Personal Trainers

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Coach Tiaŕe

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Level 1 Certified

Coach David

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Level 1 Certified

Coach Jamie

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Level 1 Certified

Coach Dan

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Coach Erik

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CrossFit 623 Daily WOD: 427 (Mon – 6/27/2016) – Strength: Push Jerk 1RM Re-Test

Strength: Push Jerk 1RM Re-Test
WOD: Chipper For Time
100 Lunges
80 Air Squats
60 KB Swings 35/53
40 Sit-Ups
20 Push-Ups

CrossFit 623 Daily WOD: 426 (Fri – 6/24/2016) – Front Squat 4×3 @ 90% of 1RM

Skill/Warm-up-Fast descent, explosive ascent.

Strength: Front Squat 4×3 @ 90% of 1RM or more if your weight feels too easy

WOD: 7 Rounds For Time of
10 Weighted Box Step ups (Same weight as below)
10 deficit push-ups (45 # plates for men/ 35# for women…Hi-temp plates not bumpers)
10 DB/KB Deadlifts (AHAP)
10 DB/KB Push Press (*Same weight as above)

CrossFit 623 Daily WOD: 425 (Thu – 6/23/2016) – Mobility!

WOD: 5K —Broken up to a run row, a row only, a run only. Athletes choice.

Extra credit: 10 Minutes NON-STOP CORE!! Choose from planks, v-ups, hollow-rocks, ghd’s, sit-ups, bicycle kicks, flutter kicks, T2B, knee raises…and more….this is an opportunity for athletes to move freely and choose what works for them.

FREE CrossFit Workout Saturday Morning

Not sure if CrossFit is right for you? Attend a class to find out for yourself!

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