CrossFit 623 - 5 Ways to Find the Energy to Workout

Ever skip a workout because you’re “too tired?” Of course you have. We all have and for good reason: it’s often true. After all, in order to exercise it helps to have some energy to do so and if we’re feeling tired, we often assume the workout will be too strenuous. The good news, though, is that there are some good ways to get your exercise in; even if you’re not feeling in the mood. The following tips are to help you with avoiding the “too tired” excuse to skip a workout by telling you what you can do.

Things to “Do” Before Skipping the Gym

#1 Do a Shortened Workout

If you are legitimately tired, but you don’t want to skip your daily exercise, you can simply shorten the amount of time you spend working out. Additionally, you can do less reps, lift lighter weights, or do less routines than you normally would in your regular workout. Be warned though, getting up and moving around is going to boost your energy and keep you energetic for some time afterwards. The good news is that you’ll probably sleep better!

#2 Do Morning Workouts

If you’re a morning person, this might be a no-brainer for you and you likely already do workout in the mornings as opposed to after work. Working out in the mornings has proven to provide those who do with a healthy dose of energy that will result in better focus and activity in one’s professional life.

#3 Do the Gym Right After Work

If you can’t get your workout done in the morning, you should consider going to the gym directly from work. Try to avoid going home first; because, as you know, once you hit that couch you’re not going to want to get up to go workout. Or at least there’s a good chance that you won’t want to.

#4 Do Sneaky Exercises

You don’t have to run a mile or do 100 squats a day to stay fit and benefit from exercising. If you know that you can’t make the gym at your regular time, take advantage of everyday exercises that you can do, such as walking up stairs instead of taking the elevator, parking at the back of the lot so that you have to walk further to your destination, and/or walk briskly whenever you can.

CrossFit 623 - Exercises to Do Around the House

#5 Do a Walk Around the Block

Similarly to #4, you don’t have to hit the gym to burn your calories. You can always go for a walk with your wife/husband, kid(s), and/or dog(s). Or by yourself if you need a little “me time.” Walking may not be a high-intensity workout; however, there are dozens of recent studies that show walking does the body amazingly good.

CrossFit 623 - Walking Benefits Infographic


Exercise is important for so many good reasons and skipping your workouts will deprive your body of those benefits. If you don’t have the energy to go to the gym, you don’t have to skip your daily exercise altogether. Instead, take advantage of your opportunities to get small workouts in where you can. If you don’t currently go to a gym to get your exercise in, you’re definitely missing out. You should start looking for a gym that you like and that you feel you’re going to continue to utilize. At CrossFit 623 in Glendale, Arizona we offer free community workouts on Saturday mornings and if you’re in the area you’re invited to come along and bring a friend.



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