CrossFit 623 - Festivus Games 2016 Competition

We’d like to thank everyone who came out and participated in the 2016 CrossFit Incedia Festivus Games and those who supported the athletes… Especially our CrossFit 623 family! Thank you to all of the CrossFit 623 coaches for your tuition too. We couldn’t do it without you!

As many of you have most likely heard by now, we had several CrossFit 623 members achieve podium positions!

2016 Festivus Games Results

Without further ado, here are the results. Please visit this webpage to view all results.

Division: Female Intermediate

? 1st Robin Piatt (CrossFit Incendia)

? 2nd Kelly Palmer (CrossFit623)

? 3rd Lisa Gutierrez (CrossFit North Valley)

? 6th Chesney Becker (CrossFit623)

? 7th Shaylah McKinney-Jones (CrossFit623)

Division: Female Novice

? 1st Christy Schaeffer (CrossFit623)

? 2nd Danielle Malanche (CrossFit623)

? 3rd Nathalie Alamshaw (CrossFit Incendia)

? 5th Ashley Lenzi (CrossFit623)

? 11th Mackenzy Watson (CrossFit623)

? 15th Annette Hooper (CrossFit623)

Division: Male Intermediate

? 1st Erik Elderkin (CrossFit623)

? 2nd Derek Davenport (CrossFit Incendia)

? 3rd Joseph Reid (CrossFit Incendia)

? 4th Michael Morales (CrossFit623)

? 8th Jose Carmona (CrossFit623)

? 11th Joseph Chastain (CrossFit623)

Division: Male Novice

? 1st David Hust (CrossFit623)

? 2nd Kayleb Quintero (CrossFit623)

? 3rd Mark Atia (CrossFit Narrow Gate)



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