CrossFit 623 - Daily WOD

Mobility: 5-10 Minutes….Lots of Calf, Hamstrings, Forearm, and shoulder mobilization.
Skill: GOAT Day….work on any skills members want to do for the open or in general (20 min)
Set the clock for 10 minutes…do this until your time expires
Wall Squat holds -30 seconds
Wall Mountain Climbers….don’t need to climb up the wall. Bring your legs to your chest alternating for a count of 10.
Wall Up/Down Planks- 10 total rep count
Reverse Lunges-5 Right leg
Triple Jump alternating Lunges for 10 reps
Reverse Lunges-5 Left Leg
*If time permits do a 500 meter row and get everyone’s time.
Then teach them proper rowing technique
Re-do 500 meter row to see difference in time



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