12 MIN AMROM (As Many Reps On the Minute)
Max Reps Tire Flips (AHAP)
Max Reps Atlas Stones
Max Reps Back Squat (at lightest persons bodyweight)
Max Reps Farmers Carry (50meters = 1 rep)
Scoring: Each person puts 1-45#plate on sled after tire flips. Each team member starts at a different station. They have 1 minute to get as many reps as possible. Each person keeps a running total of reps until the end of the 12 min. After the 12 min, you have 1 minute to total every teammates reps and put them on the board. After the 1 min. is up. Each team goes to their sled and pushes it 400m around the building. Time stops when team’s sled reaches the green line.

CrossFit 623 Daily WOD: 12 MIN AMROM (As Many Reps On the Minute)



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