5 Rounds for Max reps of:
Bench Press @ bodyweight
Scoring: Princess Leia starts Lynne by setting up to do her bench press and unracks the bar and does as many reps as she can get without failing or re-racking the bar (no rest at the bottom etiher). Let’s say she gets 10. Then when she is ready, she does as many uninterrupted PUs as possible without letting go of the bar. Let’s say she gets 10. Her score at the end of round 1 is 20 reps. (Leia-120#/100 reps@105# RX) Note**If there are lots of storm troopers in Princess Leia’s class you may want to arrange them by what they bench and have the person with the lightest bench start off so that it is easy to just add weight for the remaining lifters.

CrossFit 623 Daily WOD: Lynne



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