CrossFit 623 Success Story - Ashley

Ashley has been an avid crossfitter for several years and a valued member of the CrossFit 623 family. We’re very proud to be present during her personal journey towards optimal physical fitness. Continue reading to hear about Ashley’s story.

A Message From Ashley

CrossFit 623 Success Story - Ashley Flexing It was my ex-husband who introduced me to CrossFit back in 2011. When we got divorced I stopped going. It took a while before I was able to find a home box.

I’ve tried several gyms around town, but I didn’t feel at home. And then I found CrossFit 623.

CrossFit 623 Success Story - Ashley & Kids As soon as I walked in through their doors, I knew this was the place for me. It feels like family. The vibe made me fall in love with CrossFit all over again. It’s so addicting!

I weighed 152 pounds when I started at 623, now I’m at 136 pounds and my weight goal is 120 pounds. I know that I can reach my goal with the help of my 623 coaches and support of my fellow athletes.

CrossFit 623 Success Story - Ashley Family Pic CrossFit makes me feel alive, strong, and happy. I enjoy a challenge and having friendships with people who have the same interests as me. Furthermore, it gives me motivation to be better and to be a good example to my children.

CrossFit renewed my self-confidence. It makes me feel good knowing that my weight may not be where I want it, but my body is healthier and I’m in better shape. I used to be embarrassed to show my body and couldn’t even feel comfortable in my clothes. I was terrified to see the girls with their shirts off while WOD’ing, thinking there’s no way in hell that I’d be able to workout like them. But now my clothes are too big and I enjoy wearing my gym clothes. I’ve even taken my shirt off in a WOD. I’m excited to see more progress and reach higher goals.



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