CrossFit 623 - 9 Best CrossFit AMRAP Workouts to Reach Your Fitness Goals

In CrossFit, AMRAP stands for ‘as many reps as possible’ and the term is a staple of many workouts of the day (aka WODs) conducted by Crossfitters around the globe. Because AMRAPs challenge you to push harder, they are one of the best types of workouts you can do in effort to reach your fitness goals. AMRAPs are also beginner-friendly; so regardless of your skill level, you can participate and benefit. The following information explains what exactly an AMRAP is and lists nine of the best ones you can do to lose weight quickly.

What Does AMRAP Mean?

CrossFit 623 - What Does AMRAP Stand For?

As mentioned, AMRAP commonly refers to ‘as many reps as possible,’ but it can also stand for ‘as many rounds as possible.’ Rounds are made up of sets and sets are made up of repetitions (reps). For example an AMRAP may ask that you do 10 muscle-up reps, 10 squat reps, and 10 burpee reps in sequence as many times as you can within five minutes. Every time you complete 10 single reps of muscle-ups, squats, or burpees, you’ve completed a set; every time you complete 10 reps of each exercise, you’ve completed a round. So it doesn’t really matter whether you refer to the ‘r’ in AMRAP as ‘reps’ or ‘rounds;’ you are doing the exercises over and over as many times as you can within the allotted time limit – essentially meaning that you’re doing both.

9 Fat-Shredding AMRAPs

The following AMRAPs are WODs practiced at CrossFit 623. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or visit this page to see more AMRAP workouts available on our website.

CrossFit 623 Handstand Pushup WOD

Handstand Pushup

1. CrossFit 623 WOD #379

AMRAP: 10 Minutes

  1. 5 Handstand Pushups (HSPU)
  2. 7 Push Jerks
  3. 9 Kettlebell Swings (KBS)


CrossFit 623 Kettlebell Swing WOD

Kettlebell Swing

2. CrossFit 623 WOD #42

AMRAP: 4 Minutes

  1. 3 Chest-to-Bar (C2B) Pull-Ups
  2. 3 Burpees

Rest two minutes.

  1. 5 KBS As Heavy As Possible (AHAP)
  2. 10 Box Jumps

Rest two minutes.

  1. 5 Push-Presses
  2. 10 Hallow Body Rocks

Rest two minutes.

  1. 3 C2B Pull-Ups
  2. 3 Burpees


CrossFit 623 Pushup WOD


3. CrossFit 623 WOD #60

AMRAP: 20 Minutes

  1. 10 Pull-Ups
  2. 7 HSPU
  3. 1 Rope Climb
  4. 7 Ring Dips


CrossFit 623 Power Cleans WOD

Power Clean

4. CrossFit 623 WOD #247

AMRAP: 25 Minutes

  1. 2 Power Cleans
  2. 1 Box Jump Over
  3. 4 Power Cleans
  4. 1 Box Jump Over
  5. 4 Power Cleans
  6. 1 Box Jump Over
  7. 4 KBS
  8. 1 Box Jump Over


CrossFit 623 Double Unders WOD

Double Unders

5. CrossFit 623 WOD #334

AMRAP: 16 Minutes

  1. 9 Medicine Ball Cleans
  2. 12 Wall Balls
  3. 15 Pushups
  4. 20 Double Unders


CrossFit 623 Deadlifts WOD


6. CrossFit 623 WOD #329

AMRAP: 15 Minutes

  1. 9 Deadlifts
  2. 12 Pushups
  3. 15 Box Jumps


CrossFit 623 Bear Crawl WOD

Bear Crawl

7. CrossFit 623 WOD #359

AMRAP: 5 Minutes

  1. 1-min Bear Crawls
  2. 1-min Diamond Pushups
  3. 1-min Handstand Walks
  4. 1-min Kettlebell or Dumbbell Floor Presses
  5. 1-min HSPU


CrossFit 623 Running WOD


8. CrossFit 623 WOD #144

AMRAP: 30 Minutes

  1. 1000-meter Row
  2. 25 Thrusters
  3. 200-meter Farmers Carry


CrossFit 623 Rowing WOD


9. CrossFit 623 WOD #142

AMRAP: 20 Minutes

  1. 7 Power Snatches
  2. 7 Burpees
  3. 250-meter Row



AMRAPs are an important tool in the Crossfitters toolbox and for good reason. AMRAPs are great for cardio and they provide practitioners with a means to challenge their abilities. AMRAPs are also ideal for shedding weight quickly due to their rigorous activities. Many of the aforementioned AMRAP workouts can be done at home; however, we highly recommend that you stop by your local CrossFit gym to give AMRAPs a try within a group of supporting peers. At CrossFit 623, we offer free community workouts on Saturday mornings and if you live in the Glendale-West Phoenix area, you’re invited to join us! Click here to learn more.



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