CrossFit 623 - 7-Day Paleo Diet Recipes for Dinner

According to many, the Paleo diet is one of the healthiest ways you can eat due to its nutritional approach that has proven to work well with your genetics. Because of this, eating Paleo foods helps you to stay lean, strong, and full of energy. There are a host of benefits that Paleo offers, including a healthy brain, better gut health, full intake of vitamins and minerals, better digestion and absorption, and less allergies. So with all of these benefits in mind, we wanted to share seven recipes that you can use to make dinner this week!

A Week’s Worth of Paleo Dinners

The following recipes are gathered from various websites. Click-through to get full cooking and prep instructions.

Day 1: Spicy Grilled Jumbo Shrimp

CrossFit 623 - Paleo Diet Spicy Jumbo Shrimp

Shrimp with a spicy Asian flair are a surefire barbecue hit: dress them up with a little hot sauce, fresh herbs, and jalapeño, and they’re ready to join the party.

For this recipe, the marinade optionally calls for 2 tbsp. of Sambal oelek. Sambal oelek is a thick, spicy cooking sauce made with chili peppers and vinegar; the most common brand in the US is made by the same manufacturer responsible for Sriracha sauce (you’ll see the same rooster on the package).

If you can’t find Sambal oelek in a store, or if all the brands available have too much junk for your taste, it’s not hard to make yourself: here’s a super-simple recipe with just three ingredients (hot peppers, vinegar, and salt). Or you could just leave it out and have your shrimp a little bit less spicy; the jalapeño will still add some heat to the mix and you’ll still end up with spicy grilled shrimp, just without the Asian accent.

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Day 2: Mexican Chicken Stuffed Peppers

CrossFit 623 - Paleo Diet Mexican Chicken Stuffed Peppers

It’s International Spicy Food Day and we’re heating things up with a recipe from our new cookbook, Real Paleo Fast & Easy. Our Mexican Chicken Stuffed Peppers are colorful crowd-pleasers that will satisfy everyone’s spicy cravings!

Tip: Blanching the pepper halves in boiling water for a couple minutes keeps them crisp enough to hold the hearty filling but soft enough to eat—without having to bake them in the oven.

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Day 3: Shepard’s Pie

CrossFit 623 - Paleo Diet Shepard's Pie

Shepherd’s Pie is a traditional English dish. In Britain it is generally made with lamb or mutton; in this recipe I have made a simple ground beef shepherd’s pie and added bacon for extra flavor.

Shepard’s pie is often referred to as “cottage pie,” by the English; it is a casserole made of cooked meat and vegetables that is then topped with mashed potatoes and baked. I have made this dish into a Paleo casserole by using Mashed Cauliflower for the topping. This reduces the glycemic index of the dish and increases the nutritional content, since cauliflower is a super food.

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Day 4: All Protein Meatloaf

CrossFit 623 - Paleo Diet All Protien Meatloaf

“This is a great alternative meatloaf for people on high-protein low-carb diets. It tastes delicious, and one serving keeps you full for hours! Great with a salad!”

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Day 5: Green Bean Casserole

CrossFit 623 - Paleo Diet Green Bean Casserole

Caramelized onions and crunchy almonds take standard green beans to another level. Don’t wait for the holidays to serve this; it deserves to be a year round dish.

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Day 6: Hunter Stew

CrossFit 623 - Paleo Diet Hunter Stew

Hey guys, this is something I used to make when I was younger and staying with my grandfather. There was always a surplus of meat, veggies and oddly, berries. Did you know many berries actually taste really nice with red meat? Try it, it’s wonderful!

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Day 7: Korean Short Ribs

CrossFit 623 - Paleo Diet Korean Short Ribs

Inspired by a recipe in Slow Cooker Revolution from the editors at America’s Test Kitchen, I’ve made this Korean-style dish several times—and every time, it’s been easy-peasy and tasty. I simplified and Paleoized the recipe by subbing out the soy sauce with coconut aminos, the rice wine vinegar with coconut vinegar, and leaving out the tapioca. What’s cool about this recipe is that you don’t need to sear off any of the meat or carmelize any aromatics –- it’s pretty much a dump-it-in-and-forget-about-it kind of dish. That being said, when I do have the time I will char the short ribs under the broiler before throwing them in the slow cooker.

You may want to make this dish ahead of time and store it in your fridge because the short ribs release a ton of fat into the gravy, which you can easily remove when the chilled fat hardens.

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