CrossFit 623 - Benefits of CrossFit Training

The benefits that your body receives from doing CrossFit are countless. Some of the most important include achieving better heart health, improved mobility, and meeting weight loss goals. If you are considering joining a CrossFit class, but are still on the fence, the following information will help you to get an understanding of the benefits the sport has to offer.

CrossFit Workout Advantages

The following seven benefits everyone can expect to receive from doing CrossFit training.

#1 CrossFit is Weight-Loss Efficient

Serious athletes have been reaping the benefits of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for decades and thanks to the introduction of CrossFit, so too have its practitioners. With HIIT you workout hard for short periods of time as opposed to pacing yourself with a minimal workout over a longer time. HIIT helps burn more calories for hours after training, those who do this type of exercise stick to it longer, and it will boost your endurance. Men’s Fitness has a great article about HIIT benefits where you can learn more.

#2 CrossFit Builds Muscle Fast

Within a couple weeks of going to CrossFit training regularly, you’ll begin to notice that you’re getting stronger and more toned. Whether you’re carrying your kids to and from the car, lifting a bag of dog food, or simply unscrewing a jar lid, you’ll definitely notice a difference.

#3 CrossFit Encourages Competition

It doesn’t matter if you’re competing against your peers, in a CrossFit event, or with yourself, you will strive with each challenge you face. Competition more often than not brings the best out of ourselves, regardless of the forum.

#4 CrossFit is Scalable

Each workout at a CrossFit gym is designed to be done by everyone, regardless of age, skill level, or strength. The benefit of this is that newcomers can work with weights that match their needs and experienced weightlifters can work with weights that continue to challenge their abilities.

#5 CrossFit Boosts Confidence

It’s an amazing transformation going from a sedentary lifestyle or even a typical gym workout and doing CrossFit. You’ll quickly build your confidence is many aspects of your life, including your weightlifting sessions, your place of work, and in everyday interactions with others.

#6 CrossFit Improves Functionality

CrossFit workouts are always different from day-to-day and they are not body-part specific. Instead, you get a whole-body workout that effects multiple body parts and muscles.

#7 CrossFit Aids Mobility

One of the nice aspects of CrossFit is that the majority of its workout routines are based around normal bodily movements and because of this you will be far more mobile. The mobility that comes with CrossFit workouts helps with physical rehab and combating aging bones and muscles.

The Anotomy of a New Fitness Routine

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CrossFit is a way of life and once you get a taste, you won’t ever want to quit! If you want to be part of a gym that offers a family-like atmosphere, one in which each member rallies behind you and your goals, CrossFit is right for you. But don’t take my word for it. Give your local CrossFit gym a call and schedule a free class. If you live in or around the Glendale, Arizona area, head on over to CrossFit 623 and try our free community workout this Saturday. We’d love to have you there!



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